Jul 06

Choosing Gym- be wise or pay heavy price

How to choose a gym?

Selecting a Gym seems to be a easy job, but in reality it will going to effect your performance and result if you end up choosing ok gym.

How to Choose Which Gym to Join

There are number of steps I want to discuss in choosing a gym. There 8 easy steps to join a gym. These are gym near your house, in budget gym, highly equipped gym, mild populated gym, good gym trainer, multiple franchise gym, and finally Making friends .

Gym near your house:

If gym is near your house, get enroll as soon as possible. Its blessing for you, which most people don’t have. Gym near you house will help you motivate more and encourage to go more often. It will going to save money on gas as well long, and tiring drive. You can also walk to gym and enjoy the neighborhood, and appreciate the nature. Walking to gym itself is an exercise.

Highly equipped gym:

Gym equipped with modern machine and variety of machine, it will going to allow you exercise more. With modern equipment you can try new stuff, and result will be more quick and effective.  There will be more machine, you will have more opportunity to use machine and get done with exercise quick.

In budget gym:

Choose a  gym, which support your pocket and easy to afford. In expensive gym, you can enjoy it for few days, but once you feel like you cant afford it , then it will hard and difficult to continue with same gym. sometime you will be busy, or may be out of town, in that case expensive gym will going to bite you like a knife and will give you the feeling to cancel subscriptions.

Mild populated gym

Gym shouldn’t be highly populated neither it should be empty. choose a gym, which have normal and mild number of people in the gym. When you visit gym, you will have good atmosphere and environment to exercise and amount of time spent will be spend on exercise not in waiting for other to get off equipment . enough place to roam around here and there, and easy to get to know people easily.

Good gym trainer:

Instructor and trainer in gym should be highly trained and know what they are doing, otherwise it will be waste of time going to gym as starter or newbies.

Multiple franchise of gym

Having number franchise and branches of gyms in different place is very important because it will going to allow you to focus more and less chances to go off track. When you will have more then one franchise, even in different city or town you can continue your schedule and continue with gym.

Making friends:

Making friends or having small talk with people will going to motivate you more and they might help you and guide you in proper use of equipment and nutrition.


Jul 05

How to get job as immigrant?

One of the achievement in high school is to get job and driving permit. Once you cross your Sweet Sixteen, you will rush toward DMV  to get your permit and then start looking for Job. Some people spent more then a year looking for job, while some are lucky enough to get job with little or no efforts. For start, you will surely not going to get your dream job, but you will get something to gain experience and little amount of $. Finding job is normally depend upon how much effort you put in looking for job? and how much patience and belief you have, that you will eventually get job?. So here are some experience, which I would like to share with you all.

One on the traditional way of looking for job, is to look in newspaper. It is old school, but some of the big hiring companies still use these method to hire people. They believe that those who read newspapers are updated and self motivated people. Next time you came across newspaper, just flip some pages to advertisement section and circle out some good job offers.

Internet is one of the powerful viral tool, which you can use to sort out jobs from any place around the world. There are millions of job available on website, where you can fill out application and submit your resume, and eventually have online interview on the spot. Website offers wide range of options, where you can easily sort out job, which suit or desire best. List of job websites, which may be useful :Indeed.comCareerBuilderCollegeRecruiterMonster.com, Simply HiredLinkUpUS.jobsJobing.comNet-Temps.comJobCentral.com

Facebook and Twitter
Take help from your friendsthey will be one useful tool, some one might know about job opening or some  company hiring. Just posting or twittering on Facebook or Twitter,  will easily reach to hundreds of friend  and they will reply u back if they have any news for you. Simple rule is that, if you will let people know that you are looking for job, then they will help otherwise no one can help you.

Seasonal Jobs

Even if have applied for job, you should re-apply again and again, cause I was talking with manager of some stores and she was saying that application is expired after 30 days and to make impression hand application directly to store manager and make strong eye contact, so that he/she can remember your face at time of recruiting.

Trying luck

Submit your resume and fill out application in every single shops, malls and shopping center in your area or town. Where ever it is possible, apply for it, cause you never know who is hiring or not.

Job cycle

mostly after summer, shop have already hired their employee and recruiting has stopped, so try looking for off season. job recruiting is like a circle and seasonal thing, even if they did not hire but they might need employee later on

Public notice board
If you are going to school or any type of educational place, then talk to administration or look for public notice board. There you can find job opening for school or library job. Ask administration, they might help you looking for it. Create a poster about your information and experience, and paste them on public boards.

Relative and Friends
Ask your friends and family member about jobs, or someone they are working with, cause most people have good source who might help you to recruit with them.

you can make a poster about your qualification and experience, and upload it on Instagram.

You can also text your friends and relative, that you are looking for job.

Jul 05

6 Sexy ways to get in Shape…

Losing weight or to get in perfect shape is one dream, either women or men they both want to be look and perfectly fit. People spend thousands of dollar on medicine and herbal solution to lose weight. There are other ways to lose weight in month or even few weeks. One need to be motivated and focus to achieve goal and day will come you will be able to wear your tight jeans or swimming suits. There are few ways which you can follow or apply in your daily life to achieve in your target. How to lose weight? Well dieting wouldn’t be good option, only thing you get being unhealthy. I have some steps, which you could follow to get in shape and life healthy life.

Enroll in Gym:

If you have time and passion to be regular, then gym is the best place to start your daily fitness thing. Selecting a good gym is very important, you need to be very picky about selecting a gym such as UFC, Fitness 19, Fitness 24 and etc. Select a gym which is close to your house, have multiple branch, highly equipped, low on cost and little crowed. Once you start going to gym then it will be routine and you will going to make new friend and competition with them, and hear stories from them about how they lose weight over the period of time? and what made them to lose weight and which will going to motivate you more to lose some fat from body.

Exercise programs:

There are bunch of programs in markets such as P90x, Insanity, and etc. These programs are good way to lose weight and cut some fats from your body. Well buying exercise program is a best option because its one time investment and save gas from going to gym or any other places and you can schedule your own timing as you wish. Exercise program require commitment and time, if you lose track of your schedule and get lazy, then it will be difficult to get back in track.


Well if your early bird, then jogging is best option to start your exercise habit. Jogging help you two regulate the blood flow into your body and cut some fat from your body in form of sweat. When you run, jog or even fast walk, you drink lots of water, which help to regulate and clean inner system of your body and keep you healthy

Eat healthy:

Having a good nutrition is very important, it keep up healthy.  Stop eating cheese, oily stuff, and rice, prefer you diet in eating fruits, vegetable and salad, which will going to make you healthy and maintain diet as well.


Competition with friends:

Well if you have friend or buddy, with whom you can do competition in cutting fat from your body, then that would be best option to do. It will going to motivate you as well as output would be more then working single. You can ask your competitor in jogging, exercise programs or even to the gym. Best way to make someone do something by challenging him or her In this competition no one is loser, everyone is gonna gain something at the end.

Set target:

Before doing anything, setting up target or goal is very important. You need to make plan which you need to follow, and set some goal which can be achievable. It will going to make you feel good that you have achieve some thing


Jul 04

Top 6 reasons student drop out

Once student get out from high there are very small amount of student continue with higher education, and many students those who even decide to continue with higher education end up dropping out, and even if they manage to graduate; most end up getting low GPA.

Question here arise, what is the prime reason for students failing to graduate, or getting low GPA?

There are number of reasons which limit students such as De motivation from getting low GPA,
to much partying, juggling with course work. over confidence, not expressing their problems, poor education environment, and making poor decision making.

Demotivated from getting low GPA:

Once students get low grade or failing in the class, then they start losing hope of passing future classes. they stop concentrating in classes and take education easy. Students who get demotivated tend to make more mistakes and lack of decision making, which later lead to failure in class or even whole semester.

To much partying:

Student who newly graduate from high school, and they feel like they are free to do anything thing they want. They have no one look after them, or keep an eye on them or more likely no one to tell difference between what is right and wrong.since they are grown up, and cross their teenage , so they tend to party and enjoy their life. In other words they take every single opportunity to have party or throw parties, which lead into lack of concentration in education and class. Apart from partying, if someone is in relationship that is also the turn off for student because relationship require commitment; it is a full time job.

Juggling with course work:

Some students are born with silver spoon in their mouth, other work hard to support them self and education and sometime family. Either they to many classes, which turn out difficult to handle, or they cannot manage between work and studies; later drop the class.  These student need to keep balance between both side, and take course which they can handle.

Over confidence:

There are few student, who think they are over smart and take bunch of course and later when the time come for mid term or final, they are mostly to fail it or unable to manage time between every thing. Some student think course work is easy, so they tend to delay it till the last day, on the final week they have to deal with all sort of problem and with no support from anyone.

Not expressing their problems:

there is always one kid who is hiding itself from everyone, and especially teacher. The person tries not to make eye contact with anyone. The problem with these type students; they are scared to express them self and they think that something wrong might happen. Although they have idea, but they don’t know how to express it in public.

Making poor decision making:

When students select major; most of them make great mistake in selecting it. student selects there major thinking about short term benefit such as major which will benefit in 2 or 3 years, but in reality we need to think about the major which will going to benefit in longer term and will be popular and beneficial in next 10 years because by the time we will be graduating that will going to be our time; not the short term major.

Poor education environment:

Sometime education also limit student from graduating. Sometime instructor are making their own rule, which make it difficult to pass. Late Registration date also make student demotivate to continue taking classes because  they end up taking more classes  then they were suppose to take.

Jun 15

How to Make a Smoothie?

How to Make a Smoothie?

Banana Smoothies

The recipe which I am using is simple and plain, but it is easy, quick and less time consuming. Banana smoothies mixed with vanilla is one of the easy and energetic breakfast in the morning, in which one can find it quick and no problem in making it. You must be tired of banana being left over and get spoiled..guess what . With this recipe, you can store it and consume it efficiently and it will give your banana smoothies excellent and refreshing taste as well.

Ingredients for Banana smoothies :

  • 1.5 cups dairy milk
  • 1 full scoop of vanilla protein powder (1/8 cup)
  • 2 or 3 whole frozen bananas
  • 3 0r 4 cubes of ice (as you want)

Preparation Time for Banana smoothies:

  • Blending time : approx 3 minutes
  • Prep time :2 minutes

Steps to make Banana Smoothies:

  • Mix every thing listed in ingredient into blender and cover it.
  • Although, blending time is 3 minute, but blend it till you get perfect creamy look is achieved.

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