Jul 05

6 Sexy ways to get in Shape…

Losing weight or to get in perfect shape is one dream, either women or men they both want to be look and perfectly fit. People spend thousands of dollar on medicine and herbal solution to lose weight. There are other ways to lose weight in month or even few weeks. One need to be motivated and focus to achieve goal and day will come you will be able to wear your tight jeans or swimming suits. There are few ways which you can follow or apply in your daily life to achieve in your target. How to lose weight? Well dieting wouldn’t be good option, only thing you get being unhealthy. I have some steps, which you could follow to get in shape and life healthy life.

Enroll in Gym:

If you have time and passion to be regular, then gym is the best place to start your daily fitness thing. Selecting a good gym is very important, you need to be very picky about selecting a gym such as UFC, Fitness 19, Fitness 24 and etc. Select a gym which is close to your house, have multiple branch, highly equipped, low on cost and little crowed. Once you start going to gym then it will be routine and you will going to make new friend and competition with them, and hear stories from them about how they lose weight over the period of time? and what made them to lose weight and which will going to motivate you more to lose some fat from body.

Exercise programs:

There are bunch of programs in markets such as P90x, Insanity, and etc. These programs are good way to lose weight and cut some fats from your body. Well buying exercise program is a best option because its one time investment and save gas from going to gym or any other places and you can schedule your own timing as you wish. Exercise program require commitment and time, if you lose track of your schedule and get lazy, then it will be difficult to get back in track.


Well if your early bird, then jogging is best option to start your exercise habit. Jogging help you two regulate the blood flow into your body and cut some fat from your body in form of sweat. When you run, jog or even fast walk, you drink lots of water, which help to regulate and clean inner system of your body and keep you healthy

Eat healthy:

Having a good nutrition is very important, it keep up healthy.  Stop eating cheese, oily stuff, and rice, prefer you diet in eating fruits, vegetable and salad, which will going to make you healthy and maintain diet as well.


Competition with friends:

Well if you have friend or buddy, with whom you can do competition in cutting fat from your body, then that would be best option to do. It will going to motivate you as well as output would be more then working single. You can ask your competitor in jogging, exercise programs or even to the gym. Best way to make someone do something by challenging him or her In this competition no one is loser, everyone is gonna gain something at the end.

Set target:

Before doing anything, setting up target or goal is very important. You need to make plan which you need to follow, and set some goal which can be achievable. It will going to make you feel good that you have achieve some thing


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