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How to get job as immigrant?

One of the achievement in high school is to get job and driving permit. Once you cross your Sweet Sixteen, you will rush toward DMV  to get your permit and then start looking for Job. Some people spent more then a year looking for job, while some are lucky enough to get job with little or no efforts. For start, you will surely not going to get your dream job, but you will get something to gain experience and little amount of $. Finding job is normally depend upon how much effort you put in looking for job? and how much patience and belief you have, that you will eventually get job?. So here are some experience, which I would like to share with you all.

One on the traditional way of looking for job, is to look in newspaper. It is old school, but some of the big hiring companies still use these method to hire people. They believe that those who read newspapers are updated and self motivated people. Next time you came across newspaper, just flip some pages to advertisement section and circle out some good job offers.

Internet is one of the powerful viral tool, which you can use to sort out jobs from any place around the world. There are millions of job available on website, where you can fill out application and submit your resume, and eventually have online interview on the spot. Website offers wide range of options, where you can easily sort out job, which suit or desire best. List of job websites, which may be useful :Indeed.comCareerBuilderCollegeRecruiterMonster.com, Simply HiredLinkUpUS.jobsJobing.comNet-Temps.comJobCentral.com

Facebook and Twitter
Take help from your friendsthey will be one useful tool, some one might know about job opening or some  company hiring. Just posting or twittering on Facebook or Twitter,  will easily reach to hundreds of friend  and they will reply u back if they have any news for you. Simple rule is that, if you will let people know that you are looking for job, then they will help otherwise no one can help you.

Seasonal Jobs

Even if have applied for job, you should re-apply again and again, cause I was talking with manager of some stores and she was saying that application is expired after 30 days and to make impression hand application directly to store manager and make strong eye contact, so that he/she can remember your face at time of recruiting.

Trying luck

Submit your resume and fill out application in every single shops, malls and shopping center in your area or town. Where ever it is possible, apply for it, cause you never know who is hiring or not.

Job cycle

mostly after summer, shop have already hired their employee and recruiting has stopped, so try looking for off season. job recruiting is like a circle and seasonal thing, even if they did not hire but they might need employee later on

Public notice board
If you are going to school or any type of educational place, then talk to administration or look for public notice board. There you can find job opening for school or library job. Ask administration, they might help you looking for it. Create a poster about your information and experience, and paste them on public boards.

Relative and Friends
Ask your friends and family member about jobs, or someone they are working with, cause most people have good source who might help you to recruit with them.

you can make a poster about your qualification and experience, and upload it on Instagram.

You can also text your friends and relative, that you are looking for job.

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