Jul 04

Top 6 reasons student drop out

Once student get out from high there are very small amount of student continue with higher education, and many students those who even decide to continue with higher education end up dropping out, and even if they manage to graduate; most end up getting low GPA.

Question here arise, what is the prime reason for students failing to graduate, or getting low GPA?

There are number of reasons which limit students such as De motivation from getting low GPA,
to much partying, juggling with course work. over confidence, not expressing their problems, poor education environment, and making poor decision making.

Demotivated from getting low GPA:

Once students get low grade or failing in the class, then they start losing hope of passing future classes. they stop concentrating in classes and take education easy. Students who get demotivated tend to make more mistakes and lack of decision making, which later lead to failure in class or even whole semester.

To much partying:

Student who newly graduate from high school, and they feel like they are free to do anything thing they want. They have no one look after them, or keep an eye on them or more likely no one to tell difference between what is right and wrong.since they are grown up, and cross their teenage , so they tend to party and enjoy their life. In other words they take every single opportunity to have party or throw parties, which lead into lack of concentration in education and class. Apart from partying, if someone is in relationship that is also the turn off for student because relationship require commitment; it is a full time job.

Juggling with course work:

Some students are born with silver spoon in their mouth, other work hard to support them self and education and sometime family. Either they to many classes, which turn out difficult to handle, or they cannot manage between work and studies; later drop the class.  These student need to keep balance between both side, and take course which they can handle.

Over confidence:

There are few student, who think they are over smart and take bunch of course and later when the time come for mid term or final, they are mostly to fail it or unable to manage time between every thing. Some student think course work is easy, so they tend to delay it till the last day, on the final week they have to deal with all sort of problem and with no support from anyone.

Not expressing their problems:

there is always one kid who is hiding itself from everyone, and especially teacher. The person tries not to make eye contact with anyone. The problem with these type students; they are scared to express them self and they think that something wrong might happen. Although they have idea, but they don’t know how to express it in public.

Making poor decision making:

When students select major; most of them make great mistake in selecting it. student selects there major thinking about short term benefit such as major which will benefit in 2 or 3 years, but in reality we need to think about the major which will going to benefit in longer term and will be popular and beneficial in next 10 years because by the time we will be graduating that will going to be our time; not the short term major.

Poor education environment:

Sometime education also limit student from graduating. Sometime instructor are making their own rule, which make it difficult to pass. Late Registration date also make student demotivate to continue taking classes because  they end up taking more classes  then they were suppose to take.

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