Pakistan is a country of south Asia. Pakistani community are all around the world. In this website we will describe the living style and their difficulties while facing outside Pakistan. We will discuss about the activities of Pakistani workers in Malaysia. In overseas country Pakistani students are enjoying and we will give some details about Pakistani singing and Pakistani dancing in overseas countries.

India is a big country of south asia. It is famous in world because of its thick population. Indian community are found all over the world. Most Indian in Saudi Arabia are for job purposes. We will also discuss the activies of Indian students in USA and other countries. We will also give information about Indian restaurant in Japan and other countries.

In this website we will discuss about the Bangladeshi community live in overseas countries. Most of them are enjoying their life by Bangladeshi entertainment. You will found here some Bangladeshi funny activities in overseas countries. In this website you will found about Bangladeshi students activities especially in USA and UK. Most Bangladeshi in Saudi Arabia for job purposes.

Desi people means people from South Asia. All Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi people are called desi people. Culture and language of desi people are similar so their problems and difficulties in overseas are also similar. In this website we will present the activities of desi people from all over world. Desi Boys Dancing In UK. You will also find information about job, education and visa information for desi.

Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi people goes to overseas countries for higher education. So In this website we will give the information for them that how to get admission in college and Universities in overseas countries. Some videos are as follows: What is a Pell Grant? All about Cal Grant. After the FAFSA: What Happens Next How to Fill Out the FAFSA

Seminar on U.S. College Admissions


So many Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi people are in overseas countries for job. Mostly in the countries of middle east especially in UAE and Saudi Arabia. In this website will will discuss about how to get job in overseas country. We will give you information about job in Dubai and jobs in Japan. Some are working in Europe and America too. You will also get information about job in USA.

In this website we are giving the information about visa. Visa is necessary for desi people to get job and education in overseas countries. Visa are of many types like tourist visa, business visa, work via, student visa and immigration visa. In this website we will try to define all type of visa and details that how to get visa How To Get A Visa For China How To Get Visa For Japan

Most of the education Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi people migrated to develop countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. In this website we will give the information about immigration process and some tips about how to get immigration visa for develop countries. Pakistani Immigrant Experiences From Pakistan To Canada

For all overseas activities are linked by embassy. So in this website we will give information about embassies of different countries. Also the activities of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi embassies all over the world.

Pakistan embassy