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Spouse and Life Partner Permits for South Africa

Process to get South African Permit and Visa

This video is narrated by Claus Lautner of Intergate Immigration. He explains the process to get a Spouse and Life Partner Permit for South Africa for a spouse or life partner of a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Relatives' Permits for South Africa

This video on Relatives’ Permits for South Africa is narrated by Claus Lauter of Intergate Immigration.  The video explains the various permits relatives of a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident. The first option is a temporary residence permit, which allows the holder to only visit and stay in the country while being sponsored by the relative.The second option is to apply for a Permanent Residency. This also requires the sponsor to demonstrate the financial ability to support the entering relatives.

How to Apply for Visa - US Working Visas

The video begins by explaining what TN status is -- that is, the temporary work visa to work in the U.S.
Then it explains the various steps in order to get the visa.
They describe the various categories for jobs and what may be the possible requirements for the jobs, such as a bachellor's (aka unergraduate degree) or merely experience in related field.

How to apply for an Australian visas

All those dreamers and planner, who want to get Australian Visa. How to apply for an Australian visas is a question most of us find it difficult to get information for different type of Australian Visa. Getting Australian require some steps and as procedure to get Australian Visa are made easily, so any one can apply for it and can get quick Visa. For traveler Australian Government has made Australian visa procedure and steps very easy and flexible.

UK Settlement Spouse Visa for US Citizen

All those who are residing in American and have American Citizenship but wanted to move to UK with the spouse. This video will going to give you enough information for UK spouse visa and will let you know how to get spouse UK visa for American citizen or for any other spouse around the world. the video made it very easy and was descriptive through every single steps and let you know steps and process of getting the UK Spouse Visa easily.

How to fill UK investor visa application forms

Many people wish to go to UK and wish to get UK Visa and there are many different type of UK visa type UK visa you can apply in order to get Visa. UK investor Visa is also one of the type visa to get UK visa. If you are a investor and want to start business in UK, then you can apply for UK investor Visa. Process is easy, but you have to follows certain steps and procedure to apply for UK investor Visa. Many Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Chinese invest in UK by applying for UK investor Visa.

Pakistani Student who want to study abroad.

There are large number of Pakistani student who wanted to go abroad and study for higher education.Getting information and knowing what information is needed to apply for it is an essential and most important steps. Most of the time the have enough information, but they dont. Selection of correct person for visa process is very important otherwise student suffer in later process.

US H1B Visa For Bangladeshi People

A number of Bangladeshi people got USA green card by DV lottery visa. Within ten years about 100,000 Bangladeshi people got USA green card.

After the closer of DV Lottery visa for Bangladesh, Bangladeshi people can go to USA by H1B visa. H1B visa is available for six years. three years initially and then three years renewal.
For applying H1B visa they should be master pass. The H1B Visa is a United States nonimmigrant visa.


How To Get A Visa For China

This video is an instruction for Canadian citizen and Canadian permanent resident as well as citizens from other countries who travel to China for business and getting job. Canadian citizen and citizen from other countries must be taken entry visa before they travel to china.

Basic requirement for visa is passport which must be 6 month valid and one blank page in passport for visa pasting, visa application must be completed, fresh photograph, payment for visa and flight ticket or any relevant document.

How To Get Visa For Japan

In this video you will find the information about different types of visa for Japan as well as how to get these visa? According to this video Japan give different type of visa like student visa, work holiday visa, family visa, spouse visa, work visa and the tourist visa.

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