Pakistani Immigrant Experiences From Pakistan To Canada

In this video, an immigrant from Pakistan is describing of his experiences of immigration from Pakistan to Canada. According to him, his intention to go Canada was just for tourism. But due to poor economy and security situation in Pakistan; he decided to migrate Canada. After immigration to Canada he faced some difficulties in Canada, but it is less than to migrate to Australia etc. He said that in daily routine and schedule, he doesn't misses Pakistan, but in some occasions especially like Eid and some other cultural and religious festivals holidays he miss people and family gathering in Pakistan.

He is one of the immigrant; who left luxury and comfort of Pakistan, in order to have secure and better future for himself and for his family. Most immigrant people struggle at first, after spending sometime they start to settle and their business or job situation start to improve, and even their children transfer into better education system. It improve their schooling system and they manage to compete with local community and population to make themselves prominent among other student. 



Such a nice video, it gave me wider view and open my mind about struggle and problem as immigrant. Struggle are far more then one can imagine, but the end rewards are always better because of that immigrant always ready to struggle and give up everything in order to achieve better future for their family and children