After the FAFSA: What Happens Next

After filling out FAFSA, what to do next ? Once you have filled out FAFSA and filled out all their requirement, you must be thinking what to do next.what should you do to get more information , help or how long to wait for FAFSA application to be process. Well this video will going to give you wider information about scholarship and help you to keep track of all the FAFSA information.

Once you have filled FAFSA form through your school financial aid office or after logging into your online FAFSA account, application will process into their system for couple of weeks. Once they receive your application, they will going to send you confirmation e-mail and notify you that FAFSA have received your application. After waiting for few weeks, they will going to send your application to school, you have mention in the list. Once school receive your application, they will going to ask you to fill some forms and will request some document to verify the information you have provided to them. After filling out their forms, and giving them required material. Financial aid administration will calculate amount of aid which will be best suited for your tuition fees, books cost, transport and other stuffs. disbursement of funds and grant from FAFSA are schedule on certain dates, and required certain time period, so you should ask the the staff for FAFSA disbursement dates.