How to apply for Uk Student Visa?

Many people across the world apply for UK student Visa to have better future and educations. Students from Pakistan, India , Bangladesh, China also apply for UK Student Visa in order to complete there their higher education undergraduate and graduate from top Universities in UK. Pakistani Student to apply for UK Student visa. Indian Student to apply for UK student visa. Bangladeshi Student to apply for UK student visa. Chinese Student to apply for UK student visa.  To apply for England Student Visa is easy, but it take some procedure and steps to get Visa and if you manage to follow the procedure to get UK then UK visa would be in your in no time, it only require effort, time, and bit of luck. As young student you have to go through 4 tier general, in which you have to get 40 points to get UK Student Visa. 30 of the point is very easy to get, you will going to get from universities as being accepted or apply to Universities , rest of the 10 point will come from amount of fund or financial credibility you have to support yourself. In order to get 10 points for UK student visa you need to have following things CAS, Proof of funds, Passport, Photo, Qualification, letter, birth certificate, Self assessment, Appendix and Online application. CAS is something which will going to be filled and provided by Universities as you provide your passport and photo. Proof of fund mean Bank statement with date back to only one month. You need to have current passport of your resident, photo need to be exact 35mmx 25mm for UK student visa. Qualification need to be same as you provided to Universities. birth certificate need to be original. Letter if your account is under someone else name you need to have permission letter from them as well. Self assessment, Appendix and Online form need to be printed and fill out physical to apply for UK student Visa. I am sure this video helped you lot, all those dreamers who are planning or wish to apply for UK student Visa hope you get success and visa.Good luck