How to Become Billionaire Dollars

How to become Rich, and Billionaire dollar in few years.

Many plan to become millionaire, but few manage to accomplish the goal and able to become millionaire. Becoming rich is not big thing, it just require determination and focus and hard work. Never give up early; those who give up early never accomplish anything at all. Everything takes time, and it’s like growing plant. Once you sow the seed, you have to water it and keep in mind that it’s been well nutrition given to it and after long effort; it will ultimately going to give fruit. Growing money is same as growing plant, its take time unless you are super lucky.

Some of the simple steps to become rich; and target your goal towards a million dollars.

Step 1

Since you are reading it, which mean you have already accomplished your first step.

Step 2

Unless you are born with super luck or business skills, everyone who dream to become rich or millionaire tend to have some skills. If you don’t have skills, you are supposed to read books, search on financial analytics and take workshop, and at the end read the life of homeless turn billionaire.

Step 3

Since you have made up your mind; now its action time. You have to start saving money and separate certain amounts of money into saving accounts from salary. Even small amount of dollar make big difference. If you decide to put money into high risk investment, there are high chance of profit and money; but there are possible chances that you might lose a lot too.

Step 4

Start saving changes and coin into piggy bank or jar. At the end of the day, these coin will turn into hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Differentiate between needs and wants. Cuts off all your wants, and reduce your needs and spend little or nothing on wants.

Step 5

Plan to make 5 year budget and calculate how much money you will save in 5 year time period. Setting the budget will help you to decide, and plan where to invest and which business would be better to invest in future. Make sure your ideas stay at the front of your mind by writing them down and referring back to them regularly. 

Step 6

Places you can invest.

  • You can invest in real estate, and if you look into real estate history; you will know that property normally appreciate over the period of time. Investment done 10 years ago can be double and triple over the period of time.
  • You can start your own small business, or you can invest with bunch of friends or family member and work together to bring business into high level. You can buy franchise or outlet, and work without hassle, and bring company into profit making company.
  • You can invest into large and big profit making business by buying their shares and stocks. Watch the stock market closely; look into rise and fall of financial reports. Once you invest, understand that most stocks appreciate over the long term; ride out small decreases in value if you can.

Hard work and faith ultimately result into something big. Working on your dreams will brings your dream come ture.