How to Become Model?

Every single model has different story and every single model took different path to success. People share their different experience and give different suggestion. In fashion world, people are constant looking for models and stylist and new blood. There are contractor; who brings model and designer together at same ground. Experience you had with your local town camera man or comfortable you get with your body or angle are very important because it help you to explore more and make yourself to next step. 99% chances are that you will be turned down by agents, but there are no harm in applying or sending pictures to these agents. Actual reason for being turned down because most models failed to send correct picture or right angle snap-shot. There are huge amount of investments between agents and models, so models need to compete and make there position strong. Focus shouldn't be getting an agent, but get an agent who will actually provide job opportunity. There are huge opportunity and chances to enter into fashion world in New York, Tokyo, Dubai and London fashion show, you just need to contact right people for the job.