How to buy life Insurance in Canada?

Pakistani Canadian national living in Canada buying life Insurance for someone else, families, Kids, children, spouse. Indian students living in Canada looking for life insurance for someone else. Bangladeshi worker to get life insurance in Canada for spouse and families. One of the mistake Canadian make by not choosing the right amount of life insurance.  Once you now the amount, you can move on to the best plan for you and finally have a Canadian life Insurance broker find you the best price for you. The best plan will depend on the insured's age, gender and smoking status. Look if your Canadian life insurance policy come under Assuris and so that it come under $200000 death coverage. If its not under Assuris you lose Death coverage. choose between term and permanent, with term policy premium starts off low but it later rises upto 4 or 10 times. Permanent rate starts high but it cover most of the coverage. beware of Exclusion in Canadian Life Insurance, which mean they might not cover some of the thing in coverage. Added premium because some of the health policy are not seen, but later they are covered into it. Indian students, Indian workers, Indian employees, Indian families, Pakistani students, Pakistani worker, Pakistani employers, Pakistani families, Bangladeshi students, Bangladeshi worker, Bangladeshi employees are most immigrants who find it difficult to buy cheap and affordable Life insurance in Canada because the are new in Canada and often don't know Canadian system and find difficult to understand language. In this video, you will know best possibly ways and steps to get, find, and buy; cheap and affordable life and health insurance rate,broker , price and quote for someone else.