How to Donate Book?

Donating your books

These days with sky rocking economy and bad financial situation have effected very single thing; buying new or even old one cost a lot. Sharing old books to those who are in need cause sharing is caring. Donating old books doesn’t mean just giving book to people in local , but giving  to those people in need around the world.  

These are some of the ways to donate books; which will be reachable to anyone in local and also around the world.

  • Donating to international organization

You can go online and search for organizations; which accept and donate books internationally. check the directory for international organization or look for local newspapers which help to donate books to affected by disastrous or third world countries.  

  • Donate and Resell the books

Library usually have yearly sale of used books to raise money for library. You can give used books to library; which will include books for sale and raise money. Books should be in good and usable condition, so that it can be sold. If your books are moldy, stained, filled with personal information, or missing some pages, then they won't be accepted.

  • Donate your books to a thrift shop

Thrift shop are shops which accept and sold old and used goods. Some have book department, which sell used books. You can donate or even sell them to thrift shop, and make some money. When you donate books to thrift shop; they sell for cheap price, which mean it can be sold to those who can’t afford expensive books.

  • Donate books to different charity

Other than library, there are organizations that can accept books and give to poor’s. Search on internet for local charity organization; who accept book and donate to foreign countries.  There are a lot of countries trying to rebuild their libraries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

  • Release your books "into the wild". 

Bookcrossing is a website that allows you to register your books and to leave them somewhere for a person nearby to enjoy them.

  • Setup books box for all

Setup a books box and put some books in the box. Place this box, somewhere which is publicly crowded and waiting area. Place the box in area; and mark it with free books, so that anyone can pick up the books and take it home.