How to Find the Perfect Roommate?


You need to real wise in selecting your roommate for you college and universities because person will stay with you for very long time and you have to deal with him all the problems.

Things you need to have perfect roommate

  1. Understanding of what you want in a roommate
  2. Strong boundaries
  3. internet access
  4. fliers magic markers
  • You need to first decide weather you want male or female roommate, sorting this problem will going to help figure out other problem as well. Also consider things you want in your roommate.
  • Consider age group you want. You don't childish roommate neither you want grown up person. Age will help you to match mind.
  • Consider the personality you want in your roommate. It depend upon you if you want party type, social, sober type or book worm type person as your roommate. Don't settle for something which will be difficult for you.
  • Important step, If you want your roommate who smoke or drink, and if you want such roommate who does that then consider what extent you want person to smoke or drink. the tolerance level for you.
  • there are no perfect roommate or person, make a list of thing you will consider as ok and things you will think as tolerate and thing you would simply say no to it.
  • how to look for roommate. Well send Sms or post a status on social media that you are looking for roommate.
  • You can look into classified, or school notice board or even hang your own pamphlet asking for roommate.
  • Finding a perfect roommate will take time, sometime it also happen that you meet person and later become really good friend with him or her and get really close with that person and share most of the thing with that person.