How To Get Job In Japan

In this video the presenter give some tips to get job in Japan. He wrote an eBook on this topic too. According to him If you want to get job in Japan then you should follow these six steps.
1. Motivation: you have motivation to get job in Japan. Be serious with certain goals and get involve to achieve those goals.
2. Come to Japan: If will apply for job from Japan then it is easy to get job. You can go to japan in tourist visa.
3. Apply everywhere: apply five new places every day. apply as much as you can. In this way you have more chance to get job.
4. presentation: your present should be very good. your cover letter should be good. You application should be complete and without grammatical error. If you are going to give interview on skype then use color shirt. It is bad practice to give interview on skype in T-Shirt.
5. Be flexible: be ready to work with minimum benefit and minimum choice. Initially you become ready to do job with little salary.
6. Interviewing tips: During interview try to talk about health insurance, vacation time other than your salary.