How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

how to improve you gas mileage?
Well in this difficult economical recession, everyone looking for strategies and ways to reduce cost of living and save money for future. Improving you gas mileage on car, automobile and other vehicle are good ways to reduce cost. Carpooling with friend or taking public transportation are one of the solution to reduce travel cost, but not always the best one.

There are ways you can save environment, gas and money on car.

Things you will need to improve your gas mileage

Step 1
Slow down and don't accelerate to much. traveling at 55mph will reduce 21% on gas mileage as compared to 65mph.
Since traffic light are design to decrease speed of vehicle so it will reduce the odd on stopping.
Step 2
 get regular tuning. It help to reduce the mileage and regular tuning help to get rid of wastage of gas.Special attention toward air fliter.

Step 3
avoid stopping to much because it suck huge amount of gas. If you want to stop then turn off the engine completely.

Step 4
Empty your car as much as you can because weight also increase gas consumption. Its alway good to carry as little stuff as possible.

Step 5

Instead of putting stuff on top, put it on trunk because drag also increase gas consumption.

Step 6

Stick to pave road; gravel or dirty road increase gas consumption as much as 30%.

Step 7

Invest in hybrid car, it reduce gas consumption by more then 40 %.