How to Pack a Backpack for Over Night Hiking

How to pack a backpack for over night Hiking

key to pack your backpack for hiking is to recognize possible things which would be need in hiking.

things you will need in hiking
Sleeping bag
Cooking gear
survival kit

Step 1
Place your sleeping bag bag first because this would be last item you will need in your trip during day.

Step 2
Put your tent in your bag, sometime there are special type of compartment for tent which will help you to put your tent safely and require less space as well.

Step 3

Put your bedroll in you bag, put your bed roll in an area which easy access to you.

Step 4

Double wrap your cooking gear and food. Keep it away from you tent and bed roll to avoid leakage.

Step 5

Put your food in your bag. Don't over burden it cause it will increase weight.

Step 6

Put survival kit with you. Survival kit include Flash light, Knife, waterproof match stick. compass, candle, water bottle, tablets, first aid kit, survival whistle.