how to write effective essay for college.

Many of us struggle to write an effective essay as beginner and even advance level. Those who are having trouble writing effective introduction this video will going to help you out. writing a good essay for SAT, ilet and tofel requires strategies and planning and hard works to write effective essays for applications. writing an effective conclusion for essay in universities require thesis, background and what if question. Pakistani those who come to western countries such as America, UK, Canada, and European finds it difficult to write effective essay and improve communication skills for most immigrants. Indian immigrants and student who wants to write good essay and have question how to write good and an effective essay for international Universities, Colleges and schools in USA, Canada, UK and European countries. How to write an effective essay for GED is a good question, which most American High school dropout struggle to write the  essay introduction and outline. Indian who apply for international universities, find in it difficult to answer the question how to write an effective essay for the SAT. Pakistani student who apply for international Colleges and universities struggle to answer how to write an effective essay for the scholarship to sucessfully able to achieve large grants of dollar for education tuition fees and to reduce college loans and debts.Desi people from Pakistan , India, and Bangladesh who migrate to USA, UK , Canada, and other European countries find difficult to communicate English with local speaker.