Pakistani In China

This video is actually a collection of photo taken by a Pakistani in China. You can see in this video that a Pakistani in China at different locations  with different activities. In different location he is with different Chinese people  including Chinese men and women. Pakistan and China has good relationship and most Pakistani love and visit China for general tourism, business and for study. Chinese people are also very attractive and beautiful. In this video the Pakistani man with a large number of people individually and in group. Large number of Pakistani moved to china to learn the culture and traditions of the Chinese people. They also moved to china in order to trade and import and export goods and raw material back and forward into the China and Pakistan. Most Pakistani student transfer to China to get higher education and better understanding of different subject and fields. Some of the Pakistani also plans to settle in china and raise their family as they find themselve attached to the culture and environment that they don't want to leave the country and settle and raise the family.