Pakistani student interviewd about Ireland student visa

Pakistani student looking for Ireland Student visa. Pakistani student in Dublin will going to tell you his own personal experience, how he got visa and problems he face in process to achieve it. There are large number of Pakistani student willing to get Irish higher education and  Ireland passport. There are strong Pakistani community in Ireland who are getting Education in Ireland and later getting jobs in Dublin, are being highly paid. Pakistani in Ireland need to put hard effort in order to archive high goals and luxury life in later periods. People in Ireland are called Irish people, they are friendly and accepting people, who love to welcome other community. Pakistani students are also getting in top Ireland university and colleges, also in Dublin and other cities Pakistani student looking for job will also be benefited from it. In this video you will going to see true story about Pakistani student got his Irish student visa and to make it pretty good performance , you will also going to see Irish Flag next to him.