Pakistani student livestyle in Ireland

Ireland is a third biggest island off north-west of the Europe and population of about 6,399,115. There are number of university in Ireland, where large number  international student enroll in and graduate with Ireland bachelor and master degrees. Pakistani in Ireland also go to universities and colleges in Dublin and graduating in majors such as law school in Dublin, medical schools in Ireland, highly qualified Professors and teacher, Skilled fashion designer, high tech software engineer from Irish Universities. Pakistani student in Ireland, live in group in order to share the cost and expense together, so that they can afford it. Those International student who goes to top UK universities also do masters or other certified degree from Irish Universities. Pakistani communities in Ireland are small never, but they are competitive with international student. Pakistani in Ireland suffer in beginning, but later they manage to afford their living and grow later. University in Ireland have some of the best and good major and master and bachelor programs for International student from countries like China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other part of the world. In this video, you will going to see Pakistani students in Ireland, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland, Pakistani student tell you the living and cost and expense in Dublin college.