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Guinness World Record - Most dominoes toppled

Guinness Book of world records store and write down all the world records happen around different part of the worlds. It could be either sport, life, technological or anyhing, making into Guinness book of world record require efforts, time, hard works, patience and dedication to win the title. Each year new book are released with new records and with old record being broken into new ones. In this video you will going to see most dominoes toppled in a spiral in one shot and making into Guinness book of world record. It record 275000 to make new record of dominos toppled.


UK Settlement Spouse Visa for US Citizen

All those who are residing in American and have American Citizenship but wanted to move to UK with the spouse. This video will going to give you enough information for UK spouse visa and will let you know how to get spouse UK visa for American citizen or for any other spouse around the world. the video made it very easy and was descriptive through every single steps and let you know steps and process of getting the UK Spouse Visa easily.

Pakistani Student in Colorado State University, USA

Pakistani Student in Colorado State University, USA. Usman Bandukda from Pakistan tell us his challenges and experience in American University. He is doing Business Undergraduate at Colorado State University, USA. Large number Pakistani student in Colorado State University, USA are enrolled and majoring in different field and major,and  after completing undergraduate Pakistani  are getting into medical school, Pakistani student in law schools, Pakistani student in law school and Pakistani student in software engineering as Pakistani graduate students.

Pakistani Student in University of Michigan USA

Pakistani Student in University of Michigan, USA. Pakistani Students doing really good different in America Universities. Pakistani Students are getting professional degree and certificate in various fields such as Pakistani Students are becoming professional Doctors, Lawyer, Professor and Software Engineer. Once they complete their degrees and education getting good jobs and earning and having great life. Pakistani student in University of Michigan have their own Pakistan Student associate (PSA) in University and they have many Pakistani students working together and helping others.

Pakistani Professor Hired by Harvard University in USA

Harvard University in USA is one of the best and top ranked University in United State of America and world. They hired some of the top faculty members from different part of the world, and they have small number of professor in Harvard University, but very skilled and professional. We can see few Pakistani students in Harvard University, USA, but Asim Khuwaja being only Pakistani Professor hired by Harvard University. Pakistani Professor in Harvard University made many Pakistani people very proud and gave good image about Pakistan in the world.

Pakistani Student Dancing in University of California, Los Angles USA

University of California, Los Angles is consider among the top Universities in America as well as top ranked in world. Pakistani student are accepted from different parts of America, and major in different professional field. Pakistani student in University of California, Los Angles are getting Financial Aid as well as Scholarship to support themselves and pay all the expense. Pakistani student in USA are not genius and talented and only focused on studies, but they are also good performer as dancer and actor. they proof themselves on the stage of PSA  cultural dance in UCLA cultural show.


Pakistani Student in University of California, Irvine USA

Pakistani Students in University of California, Irvine. Pakistani Student perform dance and acting in PSA cultural show in UCI. University of California, Irvine is best known for pre-medical and students who wants to be doctor enroll into Universities of California, Irvine as undergraduate of Biological student. Number of Pakistani student has enroll in University of California, Irvine to make dreams come to true as professional Doctors, Engineer and other fields. Pakistani student also has talent as dancer and actor, and performed as professional artist in cultural talent shows.


Pakistani students PSA Culture Show in University of California, Riverside USA

Pakistani student in USA.Pakistani student perform dance in University of California Riverside. Pakistani student solo performer dance in USA, he solo dance in cultural show in UCR, California. Pakistani Student has many quality and talents, acting and dancing is also one of the talent which Pakistani student has. Apart  from studying major like Medicine, lawyer, Professor, Pakistani student can win dance audition and perform as Solo Dancer. He performed day and night to win heart of his Audience cultural and tradition show.


Pakistani Student in Harvard University

Pakistani students in Harvard University, Harvard university is a place were toper of all the top student come and get admission, and once they graduate they achieve top position in their respective field. Pakistani student giving commencement in Harvard University and telling us life in University and thing he experienced. Harvard University offeres many fields for their students such as Law in Harvard University, Medicine School in Harvard University and Other fields as well.


Pakistani student got Scholarship in Harvard University

Pakistani student got Scholarship in Harvard University. Ordinary Pakistani student with high hope and determination to make impossible into possible. Pakistani student from Hazara after completing bachelor and master degree from LUMS, He got scholarship in University, As a Pakistani student in Harvard it big pride for Pakistani and his family that he even got Scholarship from Harvard university. Harvard University ranked top university in the world, and Pakistani student getting Scholarship really big pride because only few can achieve and get scholarship from Harvard University.


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