Pakistani's Life Very Worst In London Uk

Pakistani's life is very worst in London Uk. They are facing difficulty to get proper job. Job problem is due to immigrants who came from another countries. Educated people doing labor job with little salary. Some people doing sanitary job. There family from Pakistan asking more and more money. Some Pakistani start drug addictions. Only 10 percent people's dream comes to true but 90 percent people dream become false. They are separated from their families without any benefit in Uk.


After the FAFSA: What Happens Next

After filling out FAFSA, what to do next ? Once you have filled out FAFSA and filled out all their requirement, you must be thinking what to do next.what should you do to get more information , help or how long to wait for FAFSA application to be process. Well this video will going to give you wider information about scholarship and help you to keep track of all the FAFSA information.

How to Fill Out the FAFSA

What is Fafsa? Fafsa is financial student aid, which is loan. scholarship and grant given to student to support for education. Fafsa assess possible eligibility how much money can be given to student and help them in student. Fafsa is filled out by every single student no matter how much parents income earns. Fafsa doesnt mean that you have to receive it, it just let you know where you stand. This video will let you know how to fill out fafsa form.

USA College Admission Seminar At Embassy

Seminar On
In this video U.S Embassy invites to a seminar at the Embassy about U.S college admission. In this seminar they will get a lot of tips and helps about how tw get admission in U.S college. Kent Fernandez will give you the insider's scoop on how to get in to top U.S. schools. (Source:

Applying to U.S. Universities: Tips from Yale Undergraduate Students

In Pakistan if video is not visible then click here: Admission Applying Tips From Yale University Students. In this video interview, 3 Yale undergraduate students share advice and tips about the application process for students who want to enroll in a U.S. university such as Yale University. Among the topics discussed are the preparation test (ACT vs SAT) and the writing the essay. At the time of filming these students were at the end of their freshman year at Yale..

Yale Undergraduate Students Give Advice on the Admissions Process to US Universities

In this video, 3 Yale undergraduate students give advice and tips on the admissions process to US universities: essay writing, sat and act tests, recommendations. They will going to give their own experience how they achieve their goal and made their way into Yale university. Well getting personal experience, will definitely going to help and boost the the chance of admission into Yale university. they have experienced it so they will going to give more in site information.


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