How to Buy Used Bike?

Buying used bike

Buying used bike in New York, where most people walk or bike from one place to another. When you trying to buy used bike in Japan, you might want to look at wheels of bike first.

Condition of wheels in used bike to check for it they are new or old or poor condition? 

How to Buy a Used Car? (Advice from Top Gears)

Buying used car

Buying a used car can be scary and you might needed good amount of advice regard it. You have choose to buy Used car from dealer, dealership or the actual car owner. We most people who want to buy used car struggle to understand what they should be looking in car to ensure it flawless car. Many people who are interested to buy used car more interested to buy first head or directly from Owner, they prefer not to buy from dealer or dealership.

Spouse and Life Partner Permits for South Africa

Process to get South African Permit and Visa

This video is narrated by Claus Lautner of Intergate Immigration. He explains the process to get a Spouse and Life Partner Permit for South Africa for a spouse or life partner of a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Relatives' Permits for South Africa

This video on Relatives’ Permits for South Africa is narrated by Claus Lauter of Intergate Immigration.  The video explains the various permits relatives of a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident. The first option is a temporary residence permit, which allows the holder to only visit and stay in the country while being sponsored by the relative.The second option is to apply for a Permanent Residency. This also requires the sponsor to demonstrate the financial ability to support the entering relatives.

Business Permit in South Africa


Tips for Prospective Immigrants to South Africa


This video is intended for those who want to immigrate to South Africa. The speaker Claus Lauter from Intergate Immigration provides the top ten tips to for prospective immigrants. His top ten tips are as follows:

1) Be patient and plan for delays

2) Do research on your selected immigration company

3) Get Medical INsurance in South Africa

4) Always try and submit your permit application abroad.

5)Do your homework and research the place you intend on going to.

6) Keep all your documents organised.

7)Get your finances in order.

Trips you Want to Make in 20s

Things you want to do in your 20's before you get old and some of the things you want to do to enjoy your life. 


How to Donate Car to Charity Organization?

Donating Car to Charity in Canada

You are being blessed with multiply car, or you want to buy new car and don't know what to do with old one? you want to good deed by donating a car to charity in USA? You intend to lease new car, donate your car to charity organization in Britain, Japan, France, European countries? How to donate a car to charity in Canada? There are some points you need to consider before selecting a charity company for donation.

How to Get College Scholarship in USA?

How to Get College Scholarship in USA?

How to Apply for Visa - US Working Visas

The video begins by explaining what TN status is -- that is, the temporary work visa to work in the U.S.
Then it explains the various steps in order to get the visa.
They describe the various categories for jobs and what may be the possible requirements for the jobs, such as a bachellor's (aka unergraduate degree) or merely experience in related field.


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