Harvard university

Pakistani Professor Hired by Harvard University in USA

Harvard University in USA is one of the best and top ranked University in United State of America and world. They hired some of the top faculty members from different part of the world, and they have small number of professor in Harvard University, but very skilled and professional. We can see few Pakistani students in Harvard University, USA, but Asim Khuwaja being only Pakistani Professor hired by Harvard University. Pakistani Professor in Harvard University made many Pakistani people very proud and gave good image about Pakistan in the world.

Pakistani Student in Harvard University

Pakistani students in Harvard University, Harvard university is a place were toper of all the top student come and get admission, and once they graduate they achieve top position in their respective field. Pakistani student giving commencement in Harvard University and telling us life in University and thing he experienced. Harvard University offeres many fields for their students such as Law in Harvard University, Medicine School in Harvard University and Other fields as well.


Pakistani student got Scholarship in Harvard University

Pakistani student got Scholarship in Harvard University. Ordinary Pakistani student with high hope and determination to make impossible into possible. Pakistani student from Hazara after completing bachelor and master degree from LUMS, He got scholarship in University, As a Pakistani student in Harvard it big pride for Pakistani and his family that he even got Scholarship from Harvard university. Harvard University ranked top university in the world, and Pakistani student getting Scholarship really big pride because only few can achieve and get scholarship from Harvard University.

Pakistani Student Guitarist in Harvard University

Pakistani student in Harvard University, Pakistani guitarist playing guitar in Harvard University. Pakistani Student in Harvard has many talents, and having command over music instrument is one of those. Harvard University is one of the renowned and top university in the world, where students from 198 different countries applied in Harvard University and after sorting out all the application and interview in Harvard university, only few are able to enter into the highly prestigious university.

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